Lies, Half Truths and Omissions: Revisionist History American Style



Join Deb Della Piana for our own version of ‘correct the record’ about what we learned in school. Among the topics covered will be the ‘discovery’ of the new world and why we should not honor Christopher Columbus, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the murders at Kent State and Jackson State universities, the assassinations of our political leaders (JFK, RFK, MLK), Pearl Harbor, and 9-11.

There are also many obscure events that have never even been reported to, or have been deliberately hidden from, the American people. These events deserve the light of day.  One such example is The Devil’s Punchbowl where Union soldiers, angered by the emancipation of the slaves, recaptured them and forced them into hard labor camps. It is estimated that 20,000 freed slaves died in the Devil’s Punchbowl in Natchez, Mississippi.

[CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION: First Episode will air on Sunday, July 28; time TBD]

Wake (The Fuck) Up, America!

realitycheck-Wake Up time

Sarah Freels has said that the goal of her show is to encourage people to question and act, rather than go along with the comfortable narrative to avoid criticism or to keep the peace.

“We want people to think about taking part in peaceful direct action in the context of their everyday lives. So many people complain about the fact that their children can be recruited for the military while they are just juniors in high school, but what are they doing about stopping it?”

Some of the topics covered will be free speech, whistleblowers, government corruption, consumerism as a tool of the ruling class, who defines “fake” news and how do we counter it, civil disobedience and consumer boycotts.


WikiMining: Diving Into WikiLeaks



We all know about the bombshells, Collateral Murder and the Podesta Emails are are an example. Dave Denton (aka Indie Outsider) wants to show you what you’re missing if that’s all you think WikiLeaks has focused on. Barack Obama, who promised the most transparent administration in hisory, was anything but forthcoming. We would never have known about what was included Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) if it wasn’t for WikiLeaks.  Then, there was Vault 7.

But what about delving even deeper than that? What else might be there? Dave is our resident Wiki-Miner and he says there’s plenty there. He also wants you to know why WikiLeaks is the last vestige left of anything that looks like The Fourth Estate.


The Path to Self-Governance

Self governance word cloud

For some, the thought of ‘stepping out side the system’ is frightening. For others, it’s frightening to envision what’s coming down the road if we remain in our current system of government. Wherever you stand on the issue, or if you are already considering a move toward life outside the system, you’ll want to tune into Patricia Negron’s podcast on self governance.

Trish will talk about common law, bartering, employee-owned businesses, and alternative currency. She’ll put this into historical perspective for us as well. These are the very issues that faced the colonists.