Welcome to Your (Mostly) Open Stream Wednesday, Until Later When We Have The Bootleg Series Debut, October 28, 2020

Yes, Music Lovers, Tom Petty Month is winding down here in The Mermaid Lounge, but we have some lovely parting gifts for you beginning this evening! So, be patient and don’t touch that tab!

Tom Petty. At home. On stage. Where he should still be.

Here’s today’s line-up:

Infinity (Mostly) Open Stream Wednesday

We’ve got one of the best music streams we’ve ever heard, frankly. And today you’ll have some great Three-in-a-Row sequences thrown in.

6:00 p.m. The Petty Bootleg Archives NEW!

‘Nuff said. We’ve got our hands on some great quality fan-recorded material here in The Mermaid Lounge, so stick around. You won’t regret it. We will also have the playlist up in the blog later in the day.

Ready to give us a shot yet? I have no idea what you’re waiting for. If you’re stuck at home working, all you need to do is pull up a tab. It’s as simple as that. You won’t need your wallet. You won’t need to remember your personal information because we don’t ask for it. How’s that?