Friday Brings The Big Voice of Valerie Carter, and The Heartbreakers As Cover Band, May 14, 2021

Good Morning, Music Lovers! We’ve got a lot of Open Stream today but we do bring you the wonder that is Valerie Carter, a woman whose career was her own but who also loaned her vocal talents to many others.

Valerie Carter stops by this afternoon to sing her way into your heart.

Here’s Friday’s line-up:

1:00 p.m. In The Spotlight: The Music of Valerie Carter

I remember the first time I heard Valerie Carter. It was sometime in the seventies when my friends and I were literally traveling around like vagabonds following our favorite bands and singers to every live venue we could get to. I also remember that I wished Valerie Carter would show up at one of them. I eventually did see Valerie perform with Linda Ronstadt at the Orpheum Theatre. The combination of the two of them was like the second coming for me. Let’s never forget that Valerie Carter helped out her fellow musicians with that voice, but that she also had her own voice.

7:00 p.m. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: Under The Covers

There’s no denying that The Heartbreakers are one of the greatest rock n’ roll bands in history, and that Tom Petty was one of the greatest songwriters on the planet. They were more than that, however. They were also one of the greatest cover bands ever, and loved to toss in remakes of others’ songs during their live performances in tribute to their favorite performers. We have two of these playlists, but in this one you’ll hear The Heartbreakers cover The Bobby Fuller Four, Bob Dylan, They Byrds, The Clash, J. J. Cale, and many more.

It’s Friday here in The Mermaid Lounge. We know tomorrow is our usual busy Saturday of programming, so we give you just a couple of quality playlists today interspersed in all that great Open Stream.