We Begin the Week With a Wide Open Stream Monday as We Pull Together Some New Material, July 5, 2021

Good Morning, Musicologists! We hope you enjoyed the Fillmore Fest over the July 4th weekend. We’ve had a lot of great programming recently, so we’re opening up the week with a totally Wide Open Monday today as we prepare our material for the rest of the week, beginning with Tuesday Bluesday tomorrow.

In the meantime, we invite all you folks on Facebook to join our new group: Della Piana’s Ungovernable Musical Emporium and Museum. We have lots of fun and informative stuff planned.


You can also follow the station itself on Twitter:

But best of all, you can simply tune us in for the best music on the planet, uninterrupted by advertising and chatty DJ’s, free of charge every day, and where it’s simply all about the music:


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