It’s Saturday in The Mermaid Lounge With ‘Music From Laurel Canyon,’ the Final Airing of “Innervisions” and Our New Singer-Songwriter, March 4, 2023

Good morning, weekenders! We are rolling along here in The Lounge with our ‘Music From Laurel Canyon’ EP, the final airing of our Album of The Week, and the great Nina Simone as our featured singer-songwriter!

Here’s your Saturday lineup:

9:00 a.m. Music From Laurel Canyon: Various Artists

Laurel Canyon was home to two generations of musicians, namely the sixties and seventies, who collaborated and pushed the boundaries of popular music. Today you’ll hear from both generations with The Byrds, The Mamas & The Papas, Buffalo Springfield, The Beach Boys, The Lovin’ Spoonful, The Doors, Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, The Monkees, CSNY, Manassas, John Mayall, The Eagles, J.D. Souther, Harry Nilsson, Canned Heat, Carole King, James Taylor, Souther-Hillman-Furay Band, Linda Ronstadt and more!

4:00 p.m. Album of The Week: Innervisions by Stevie Wonder FINAL AIRING!

Today is the final airing of this great album by Stevie Wonder, an album that moved him out of the “Little Stevie Wonder” phase of his career and into the musical innovation and social consciousness part of his career. Tomorrow we’ll have a new selection.

8:00 p.m. Singer-Songwriter Series: The Music of Nina Simone NEW!

Nina Simone was an American singer, songwriter, pianist and civil rights activist whose musical style encompassed a variety of styles including classical, folk, gospel, blues, jazz, rhythm & blues and pop. Born into poverty, she started playing piano at the age of three or four, and initially aspired to be a concert pianist. When she was 12, she played piano at her local church. When her parents took seats at the front, they were asked to move to the back of the church to make room for white people. She refused to play until they were moved back to the front. She used her talent to advance civil rights throughout her career. You can read more about Nina Simone here.

Tune us in here. We’re playing music 24/7 with no commercial interruption all day long. We always play more Open Stream than programming. And did I mention we’re free?