New in The Rotation!

Hello, Ungovernables!  Cheech & Chong joined the standard rotation last night, joining George Carlin. Next up? These guys.

Monty Python_

We’ve added several others over the past few nights, including Stevie Ray Vaughan,  Blind Faith, Traffic, more Grateful Dead, Van Morrison, Wendy Waldman, more Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raitt.

Early takedowns the rest of this week

While we are still building listener levels, we’ll be taking the station off line early (right after our final scheduled program of the evening) for most of this week in order to continue to build content. That will start this evening.



George Carlin Joins the Rotation!


We hope you’re of the mindset that laughter is the best medicine for a variety of ills. While it’ll never fix this nation (sorry, people), it sure helps take the edge off every now and then. It’s a bonus when the provider of that laughter “gets it.”

On that note, we’d like to just let you know we’ll be adding George Carlin to the rotation sometime this week. You never can tell when he’s going to pop up. Stay tuned.