Tom Petty’s Childhood Home Saved!

I’ve been talking about expanding the scope of this blog, and I finally found a way to kick that off! For me, this is a real ‘feel good’ musical story and I’m happy to make this my first non-programming post.

After Tom Petty passed, his childhood home was put on the market, no doubt by someone hoping to cash in. The first interest in the property came from a fan who was also a real estate developer. He announced his intention to buy the property and turn it into a “museum.”

Tom Petty childhood home

Enter Jane Benyo Petty, Tom’s ex-wife. She stepped in and purchased the property for $175,000. While there are no immediate plans to do anything with the property except make sure it is not “disturbed,” Jane said that she felt it should be kept in the family and felt certain that Tom Petty would not want it to be turned into a museum.

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