On Wednesday, It’s (Mostly) Open Stream. Until We Get to My Favorite Color Later. August 5, 2020.

Good Morning, Music Lovers! It’s Wednesday all day, and it’s Open Stream almost all day. Until we get to the color blue later.


blue lion

Here’s today’s line-up, and it’s pretty simple:

6:00 p.m.   Deb’s Stream: All About Blue, Various Artists

Nope. It’s not ‘Da Blues’ at all, although some songs may be bluesy. It’s all about my favorite color today. Songs with the word blue in either the title or the lyrics. Or both.

Until then, we’re streaming 23,000+ songs all day long, so this would be the day to join us. We’re free. We do not require you to fill out personal information. We do not charge. We are ad free. In short, #BecomeUngovernable Radio is music nirvana.


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