It’s Another (Mostly) Open Stream Wednesday Until The Beatles, November 4, 2020

Good Morning, Musicologists! We’ve got our usual (mostly) Open Stream Wednesday. But beyond that, we’ve got single-origin programming today from our other house band.

Paul, John and George during the Let It Be Sessions.

Here’s today’s line-up:

24/7 Daily (Mostly) Open Stream

This is not just on Wednesday. The majority of the 24-hour music cycle is simply open streaming our vast catalogue. We average about 6-7 hours total daily in special programming; some days far fewer.

5:00 p.m. The Beatles: The Let It Be Sessions

These are previously unreleased sessions of The Beatles during the recording of the Let It Be album, a rare inside-the-studio look at the fab four at work.

7:00 p.m. Not the Album of The Week: Let It Be…Naked by The Beatles

Let It Be the way it was meant to be heard, stripped down without the wall of sound. Before Phil Spector got his grubby little fingers on it. It’s not that I don’t like the original album. I own it. But when this was released, a great album became even better.

Tune in. Turn on. Drop out. That was very good advice. Especially now. Take the edge off. Listen to some good music instead. Come on. You know you want to.

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