It’s Absolutely The Animals, Open Stream Afternoon, and Jakob Dylan With & Without The Wallflowers Later, Monday, November 9, 2020

It’s another Monday in Paradise, Music Lovers! I know. I hate Mondays too, but if you have an extra tab and pull us up, we guarantee you a great day, at least musically.

Jakob Dylan is In The Spotlight, with & without his band, The Wallflowers.

Here’s Monday’s line-up from The Mermaid Lounge:

11:00 a.m. Deb’s Stream: Absolutely The Animals!

The Animals always had that gritty, bluesey sound. The band was formed in the early sixties in Newcastle upon Tyne. They moved to London in 1964. One of my favorite singers of all time was their frontman, Eric Burdon. This is a great playlist.

Afternoon Open Stream Monday

We stream 26,000+ songs all afternoon with some great Three-in-a-Row’s tossed in. You’ll hear Emmylou Harris, The Byrds The Rolling Stones and Wilson Pickett, among others.

6:00 p.m. In The Spotlight: Jakob Dylan & The Wallflowers

Jakob Dylan is an American singer-songwriter who also happens to be Bob Dylan’s son. He’s best known as the lead singer and primary songwriter for The Wallflowers, a band he formed in 1989. Prior to that he had a solo career, and was in some indie bands. You’ll love his stuff, people.

It’s Monday. What better day to tune us in? Come on. You know you want to, and there’s no need to debate. We’re free. There’s no advertising. And there’s no need to give us personal information. We don’t ask for any.