Open Stream All Day Long; A Nod to The Heartbreakers in the Evening, Tuesday, October 22, 2019


There’s only one for the line-up this evening:

8:00 p.m.     Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: Live at the Olympic (2002)

This is officially known as The Last DJ Tour. This was the one album that the Heartbreakers made that didn’t  have a unifying ‘theme’ to it, or so the rumor goes. I think the critics are regimented in this industry. Apparently, the prevailing sentiment among the snobby writers is that a mere collection of fucking great songs isn’t enough.

Actually, The Last DJ is (and always has been) about greed –that’s the only unifying theme it needs. Tom Petty was the one music artist who stood up and told the industry that he thought music was overpriced and that’s why people pirated it. Everybody else remained mute.

Tune in. You’ll enjoy it.

“Brunch With the Beatles” Gets a Re-do!

To answer everyone’s first question, YES. Brunch With the Beatles will indeed be back and, when it does come back, it’ll be better than the first time around. We’re considering that initial effort practice…mere child’s play.


As for its projected return date? We’re not sure just yet, but we promise to give everyone a couple of weeks notice. Thanks for hanging in there with us through the growth pains.

Trust me. We’re just getting started.


New Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers!


For lack of a better name, that’s what we’re offering here. Because, essentially, that’s what you’re getting. These gems have been unearthed by Petty’s family and band mates posthumously and appear on An American Treasure and the new career-spanning compilation, The Best of Everything. They were simply tapes of recorded songs that were, for whatever reason, deemed unworthy of inclusion on several albums. Also included is a version of the song “Stay” with Tom performing with Springsteen and friends at the No Nukes Concert. We’re the winners  here!

  • Luna (Official Bootleg)
  • Lost in Your Eyes (Outtake 1974)
  • Keep A Little Soul (Outtake 1982)
  • Walkin’ From the Fire (Outtake 1984)
  • Gainesville (Outtake 1998)
  • Lonesome Dave (Outtake 1993)
  • Bus To Tampa Bay (Outtake 2011)
  • I Don’t Belong (Outtake 1998)
  • For Real (Outtake 2000)
  • The Best of Everything (Alternate Version)
  • Stay (Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, and Tom Petty, and the great Rosemary Butler from the No Nukes Concert 1979)
  • Keepin’ Me Alive (Alternate Version)
  • Rebels (Alternate Version)